Building a Destination: Bermuda Lacrosse

June 20, 2008

Earlier we discussed how we can build a brand here in Bermuda.  I mentioned the chance to position ourselves as the premiere destination for lacrosse.  Everyone wants to go on vacation, and everyone should want to play or watch lacrosse, so why not combine both in Bermuda!

A major step took place toward that goal this weekend in the form of the innaugural King of the Rock lacrosse tournament.  Inside Lacrosse was here to cover it, and I really couldn’t do it any better justice, so if you want to catch up on the action follow this link:

So continuing with our theme of how to build a national program, what are some of the projects one should take on in order to accomplish this goal? First, write a letter to John Jiloty inviting him to send a couple reporters down to your country for the weekend to cover the local lacrosse scene.  Tell him not to worry about blowing his travel budget, our department of tourism has got em covered.


Next, find some competition to come check you out and give you a real game in case you don’t have enough teams for your own league yet. (we don’t). Make sure they include division I NCAA lacrosse players, many of whom have championship rings from years gone by. Throw in a few professional players and then pit them against your Sr. men’s team, most of whom never played above division III and the closest they got to being a professional has more to do with those new NCAA athletics/academics commercials than earning a living on the field.


Turn the theme of the weekend away from them coming to beat you up on the field to you beating up their bodies in the local bar scene.  It also wouldn’t hurt to ask them to give some mini-clinics on the field during their game against the U19’s who are going to the world championships next month.  Every little bit helps.


Bring them out on the town both nights they are there, give em a party they’ll never forget with plenty of Dark n Stormy’s, introduce them to some girls, including a random run-in with one of their former babysitters who happens to be in town visiting a friend who lives here. Small world eh? Then make sure one of them goes home with that babysitter and has her drop him off the next day at the field in his clothes from the night before.


That is a surefire way to make sure they return home singing your praises.  Now the entire lacrosse world knows you exist, and to top it off they realize that the best parties happen in Bermuda while you pretend to be here to play lacrosse…

Next year: Double your efforts.