BDA vs. Germany and Scotland

Bermuda have faced the top of the red pool competition and it is clear that they belong at the top of the ILF developing nations as both games have been fiercely competitive.

After a tough loss against an older and more experienced team in Germany they faced a hard nosed battle with Scotland on Sunday.  The Scots and Bermuda passed the lead back and forth multiple times throughout the game with Scotland edging the island as the shorter roster of Bermuda started to show through.

Bermuda are playing with a limited roster of 18, rather than the normal 23, due to the lack of players available for the tournament.  Despite the odds being stacked against Bermuda their record stands at 2-2, a success by any measure considering that the game with Scotland was only the 11th day this team has played together. 

On Monday they face Korea for the final game in the round robin before going on to play in the placing games.  A win on Monday solidifies them in the top half of their division and a winning record in their first ever attempt at the World U19 Championships.

BDA 15 Germany 7
BDA   8 Scotland 13


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