Day 2: BDA vs. Wales. BDA wins 6-5

Bermuda at the 2008 ILF U19 Opening Ceremony

Bermuda at the 2008 ILF U19 Opening Ceremony


Day two of the 2008 ILF U19 world championships saw Bermuda matched against a tough Wales team.  Wales scored early, but the theme of the day was defense. 

Wales led 4-3 at the half and went up 5-3 in the third quarter before Tyler Masters fed Matt Restaino coming around the crease to cut the deficit in half and then later tie the game on a Restaino goal unassisted.  That would be all the scoring on the day until the final two minutes of the game when Chris Sullivan recovered a crucial ground ball in front of the crease.  Not long after Sullivans saving play Restaino found the back of the net to put Bermuda up for good. 

Coach Steve goes over the gameplan with the team prior to playing Wales.

 Out of timeouts and needing to insert a specific defensive package (as well as rest some spent players), Bermuda coach Steve Michel made a brilliant move by requesting a stick check from one of the referees.  As a total, but welcome, suprise to Coach the players stick was found to be illegal which resulted in  a penatly and an opportunity for Bermuda to run out the clock to claim their second win in as many days. 

Tyler Masters and Judd Smith started the scoring for Bermuda in the first quarter to keep their consecutive game scoring streaks alive.

Bermuda prepares for the game vs Wales

Bermuda prepares for the game vs Wales

Jake Nichols played agressive defense all day and led a depleted defensive unit through a hard fought win.  Goalie Nick Fitzgerald anchored the unit with 12 saves.  Luke Morrison, Stephen Mayor, and captain Bobby Smith all submitted outstanding performances to keep Wales to only 5 goals. 

Bermuda faces likely their most difficult and crucial game tomorrow at 10:45am against Germany.  Germany is quickly showing that they are the team to be reckoned with having won both their games against Wales and Scotland. 

Germany will be a tough test and the length of games and intensity are starting to take their toll on an already undermanned Bermuda roster.  International rules differ from college and high school rules that Bermuda is accustomed to playing.  Most significant is that each quarter is eight minutes longer in international play, leading to 30 extra minutes of intense play per game.


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