2008 U19 Worlds: Day 1

The entire team has now arrived here in Coquitlam, BC and we had our first practice of the week this afternoon.

It amazes me to see the comraderie of the players not only on our team but from all the teams mingling in the dorms and the dining hall.  For a fledgling program like ours it is great to see the support of the ILF members and the other big name teams like USA, Canada, and Australia.

Germany was sporting some pretty nice stuff at the practice fields today.  They got hooked up by some major US sponsors and they’ve got some nice gear.  I still say Bermuda is the best dressed in this fashion conscious sport and we’ll be in full uniform at Thursdays opening ceremonies.  We also got hooked up with some cool gear from Lacrosse Unlimited and Lax Fuj thanks to our sponsors Tourism, B&V, AWAC, Partner Re, and others.  Check em out at BermudaLacrosse.com

Scotland has some big physical players and will be tough to beat.  Korea asked if we would like to have a friendly scimmage at practice today so we gladly obliged.  It was obvious from the start who had been working hard in the two weeks since our training camp and who hadn’t.  By the end of 30 minutes we had shaken off the cobwebs and started to play like we did against Long Islands Team Macwear in Bermuda.  Korea will be a fun game for us now that we’v become friends.

First game is with Finland Thursday at 12:45 local time so we’re resting tonight.  Some of the players made a nice pasta dinner for everyone, thanks Bobby and Sean, but I didn’t get any nachos Restaino!

Hi I\'m Rachel Ray, today we\'ll cook pasta for Bermuda\'s Lacrosse Team from our dorm rooms!

Check back tomorrow for results of the Finland game.


2 Responses to 2008 U19 Worlds: Day 1

  1. jj says:

    what was the score in that scrimage game vs Korea, do you remember please… just curious

  2. b says:

    3-1 Bermuda

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