Birth of a Nation

March 19, 2008

Welcome to my new experiment for my passion, Bermuda Lacrosse.  I am the President of the Bermuda Lacrosse Association, a group of individuals playing lacrosse on the island of Bermuda.  Our group is changing every day, and over the last six months we’ve seen phenominal growth including an entry in the ILF U19 World Championships, an independant development of a girls team at a local elementary school, and the launch of a women’s national team. 

The purpose of this blog will be to document the growth of our organization over the next two years and to discuss the history of the club so far.  I’ll discuss the transformation from a recreational beer league to a more focused Jr. and Sr. National Lacrosse Program as we progress from the past 2006, current 2008, and upcoming 2010 ILF World Championships. 

This will be the first chance to witness the birth of a sport in a country from its very beginning to its participation in the ultimate championship on a global level.  A chance to witness the birth of a national sports body in a country dominated by cricket and soccer.  The birth of a sport which is on the verge of a popularity explosion in the US and around the world as more and more people realize how relative and fresh the game is. 

 I’m not a writer, nor am I any type of artist.  I will attempt to provide interesting commentary and other content.  Our plans do involve various video projects and marketing programs which I will post here. 

Check out for some recent video which we provided.  Keep your eyes posted on our own homepage,, as we’ll soon be posting some merchandise for sale.

 -Michael Totman